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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 7: Surprise!

“Happy Birthday to us!”

“That’s not until tomorrow, nitwit.”

Simon pouted and hooked a strong arm around Nate’s shoulders, pulling him closer to his face as he spoke,

“But I’m at work tomorrow! Tonight we dine in... Your house!”

Nate sighed and ducked out of his twin’s embrace. Kyle and Alex were sitting at a table in the large café and the Lairds were ordering their food. It all felt very right somehow but there was a strong knot in Nate’s stomach that refused to loosen. Simon had organised a joint party to celebrate their twenty-fifth birthday and, being the thoughtful brother that he was, had invited everyone round to Nate’s house. It was bad enough that he would have to endure any party but the fact that it was being held in his own house meant he couldn’t even escape early if he wanted to.

They grabbed the four drinks and joined the others at the table. Alex was wearing one of his new pale blue shirts and skinny jeans and he looked much more at ease in Simon’s presence than he had only a few weeks ago. Nate handed him his Coke and stared down into his own fizzing drink, poking at the ice cubes with his straw as Simon and Kyle talked about what they were going to wear later that night.

“So, what do you want for your birthday?”

Alex’s voice jostled Nate from his reverie and the redhead looked into his blue eyes,

“Nothing.” Nate answered without hesitation, knocking Alex from his stride a little, but Alex smiled nonetheless,

“Oh, I was hoping you’d give me an idea. I want to get you something nice.”

“Oh!” Nate ran his hand through his tousled locks and gave Alex an apologetic look, “Sorry, I didn’t know you meant what I wanted from you. Not that I actually do want anything from you! Not that something from you would be bad!” he inhaled deeply and exhaled loudly, “I’m babbling, sorry. I just meant that you don’t have to get me anything, its fine.”

Alex still hadn’t managed to find a job, he was paying his way in the house by doing the housework and cooking now and then, which was fine by Nate.

“No, I want to get you something,” Alex took a sip of his coke, “I’m just not really sure what you like.”

“Boobs,” Simon injected himself into the conversation and then left just as swiftly as Nate glared at him.

Alex didn’t continue after that. The food came and they ate quickly and quietly, Nate still worrying about the oncoming party. When they’d all finished, Kyle paid for everyone (his idea of a cheap birthday present for Nate) and they piled into Nate’s car. Simon had decided he wanted to decorate the house before the guests arrived and his brother had no complaints; he wanted as little to do with the party as possible.

It wasn’t that Nate was particularly against having a party, it was just that he wasn’t one for drinking or socialising much. He couldn’t hold his liquor like his brother and whenever they drank together, Simon would try and make Nate keep pace. The nights always ended with the younger twin hunched over a toilet.

An hour before the guests were due to arrive, Nate decided a bath might calm his nerves. Only the downstairs bathroom had an actual bath, the upstairs one only had a shower, and so he started the water and poured in some sweet-smelling lotion to try and soothe himself. Parties were definitely not his cup of tea; he hated the false happy-clappy show everyone seemed to put on and he hated having to get dressed up and make an effort.

Slowly, Nate lowered himself into the steaming bath and closed his eyes as the sweet aroma of jasmine entered his pores. His mind wandered to the past few weeks; meeting Alex, bringing him to his home, shopping with Alex, eating with Alex, Alex’s bright blue eyes, Alex’s strong back, Alex’s arse-

Nate’s eyes shot open and he wiped his hands down his face.

“What the fuck.”

Why was he thinking about him so much? Was it just because Alex was a new edition to his life? Or maybe because he saw him everyday and didn’t have much else to think about? Or maybe it’s because I’m gay.

“No! Nope. I think not! I like boobs and legs and vagi-” he grabbed the sponge and started scrubbing at his face manically, which was why he didn’t notice the bathroom door open and Alex step inside.

“Oh, shit! Sorry!” Alex had opened his belt and was about to relieve himself when he spotted Nate in the bath, “I thought you were upstairs!”

Nate stopped scrubbing, his hands slapping back into the bath water, and stared wildly at Alex, “Fine. It’s fine!”

Alex’s eyes had wandered to Nate’s crotch where not all of him was under the water. Nate followed his gaze and sloshed around in the water like a drowning madman in a desperate attempt to hide his ‘excitement’. Finally he shoved the sponge down there and stared straight ahead with cheeks that felt as though they might explode, avoiding Alex’s gaze as much as he could.

The blonde silently exited the bathroom, a wry smile on his lips.

It was almost ten thirty and most of the guests were milling around in the kitchen and living room; Nate stood in the kitchen as his brother introduced him to various work colleagues and handed him beer after beer. One of said colleagues was a young blonde lady with pale blue eyes and a short red dress that complimented her flawless figure. She looked about as into the party as Nate felt and, when she turned away from Simon’s work discussion, Nate caught her eye.

“Having fun?” she asked in a sarcastic tone as she took a sip from her vodka and tonic, red lipstick staining the glass.

Nate took a swig of beer and nodded, “Sure.”

“I’m Kate,” she smiled and stepped closer, her strong perfume enveloping him.


“We rhyme.”

“Yeah,” Nate puffed out his cheeks and tried to spot Alex amongst the crowd but to no avail. He smiled politely, “My full name’s Nathan though.” He finished off his beer and grabbed another from the kitchen counter.

“Katherine.” Katherine traced a manicured finger along Nate’s jaw line and gazed into his emerald eyes, “You know, I think you’re better looking than your brother.”

“Really?” Nate cleared his throat and took a long gulp of beer, “Don’t let him hear you say that.”

She stepped closer, her delicate hips almost grazing his own.

“Definitely,” Kate bit her bottom lip, “Are you spoken for, Nate? Or are you gay like Simon?”

He shook his head, a small giggle escaping his lips, “Nope.”

He was onto his seventh or eighth beer and the room seemed to be slanting slightly, blurring around the edges.

“You know,” Kate spoke confidently as she gestured around the room with her glass, “This is a nice house, I’d love to see upstairs.”

“I bet you would,” all Nate could do was be led by the arm out of the kitchen.

Kate attempted to pull Nate upstairs but his balance was wavering and so she opted for the downstairs corridor. She tried a few doors until she came upon Alex’s room and dragged Nate inside. He plonked himself down on the bed and finished off his drink before letting the bottle clink to the floor. He could tell that he was well and truly drunk but for once he didn’t mind it, at least it was distracting him from awkward socialising with people younger and more successful than him. He let Kate take his shoes off and lay back on the bed as she climbed over him.

She kissed his neck and whispered into his ear, “This is a nice bed. It’d be a shame not to use it.”

“’S’not mine,” he drawled.

With a little more force than necessary, Kate tore open the buttons on Nate’s shirt and exposed his bare chest. She traced her finger down his torso and let it rest a moment on his trousers before undoing his fly. He moaned in response but didn’t move as she tugged his trousers down.

She frowned at his crotch and spoke through a pouted mouth, “You don’t seem too happy to see me, Nate.”

She was right. He didn’t really feel at all aroused by this gorgeous young woman. Sure, she was curvy and sexy and a little bit loose but something was missing. Nate chalked it down to copious amounts of alcohol and continued to lie still as she whipped off her dress in one swift movement.

Kate began to grind on his hips and then moved closer to him so that she could kiss his neck and chest. Nate closed his eyes but found no pleasure in the moment and so opened them to look at her face. Her blonde hair fell onto his face and her blue eyes seemed to sparkle as she smiled down at him, reminding him of Alex’s inhumanly gorgeous eyes.

“Oh, Nate! It seems you’re getting into it now!”

Kate smiled and moved her hands down to his crotch, where he felt the first stirrings of arousal. He closed his eyes and pictured Alex’s naked body the day he’d seen him in the shower and moaned loudly,

“Mmm, that’s good.”

Kate’s movements intensified and then suddenly stopped.

“Don’t st-“ Nate opened his eyes to see what the hold-up was and saw Alex standing in the doorway to his room, eyes wide and mouth twisted down, as though trying not to cry.

Kate bundled up her clothes and shuffled quickly out of the room as Nate scrambled for his trousers. Alex stared at the floor as he spoke in a monotone voice,

“I wanted a jumper.”

All Nate could do was nod. He watched Alex grab a jumper off the floor, knocking the empty beer bottle aside, and chewed on his lip as his lodger quickly exited the room. Nate ran his hands through his sweat-drenched hair and slammed his fist against the bed.

So what? he thought, I was enjoying myself with a lady friend. What does it matter to him? And why do I feel so guilty?

Slowly, he pulled his shirt around him and readjusted his trousers before heading to his own room. He met Simon, who was seemingly almost catatonic, on the landing and avoided a bear hug from him. Before he could escape to his room, however, Simon called out,

“Did you do something to Alex? He ran out before!”


“I dunno!” Simon slurred, “Do I look like bloody Columbo?!”

Ignoring his brother’s jibes, Nate dashed down the stairs and pushed past the last of the guests out of the front door. He stumbled into the biting cold in his bare feet, a sense of clarity hitting him now that he could breathe fresh air, and squinted into the darkness.

“Alex!” he wailed into the night like some sort of lunatic and saw a few of the neighbours’ curtains twitching as he called a few times more.

He was about to go back inside when his fingers clasped something in his pocket. Car keys. Without thinking, Nate headed for his car and after struggling to fit them in the lock, flung open the door and got behind the steering wheel. He turned on the ignition and had his hand on the handbrake, ready to set off in search of his missing friend, when a loud bang stopped him in his tracks.

Alex stood outside the car next to the driver’s door with his hands folded across his chest and a look of disbelief on his face. Nate didn’t respond and so Alex kicked the car again, this time with more force.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Alex yelled through the closed window.

Nate was taken aback at Alex’s sudden outburst. He hadn’t heard the youngster raise his voice like that before and he didn’t know how to react, he simply stared at him, drunken eyes like big marbles in his skull.

“You can’t drive in that state!” Alex yanked open the car door, exposing Nate to the freezing wind, “Are you an idiot?!”

The interior light of the car had come on now that the door was open and Alex’s face was illuminated in it. Nate could see wet tracks down his face where tears had fallen and red blotches surrounded his eyes. He’d obviously been crying.

“Alex, I was coming to find you!”

The anger dropped slightly from Alex’s voice, “Yeah, well. I’m here.”

“I found you.” Nate slurred and smiled weakly at Alex, “Did you cry?” he held his hand out to touch Alex’s face but the blonde slapped it away and turned to head back inside,

“You should go to bed, you’re drunk.”

“Yeah,” Nate got out of the car and locked it up before following Alex back into the house. His swaying made the short journey twice as long but he finally made it back inside and into the warmth. He flopped onto the sofa and stared grumpily at his feet, his socks were soaked through.

“I’ll make some coffee.”

Alex pottered around in the kitchen as Nate relaxed into the comfort of the couch; he was nodding off when Alex returned with his coffee. Nate took it carefully and sipped the hot liquid in silence.

“I’m going to bed now,” Alex went to stand up but Nate caught his arm and held him in place, “What? Let me sleep.”

“Don’t you think she looked like you?” Nate looked at Alex as he asked, a serious expression on his face.


“Kate! The woman who-“

“Oh, her!” Alex rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands and shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“She did!” Nate put his mug down and turned to face Alex, “She had the same hair,” he tugged on a loose strand of Alex’s blonde hair, “Same eyes,” he looked into Alex’s baby blues, “Same lips…”

Before he knew what he was doing, Nate’s lips brushed against Alex’s. After a second or two he pulled away and Alex got to his feet, Nate allowing it this time,

“I’m going to bed,” Alex marched out of the room.

Nate licked his lips and, confused and drunk as he was, one thought clearly pierced through: He kissed back.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Chapter Six: Strings

Sleeping on the sofa was probably not the best idea Nate had ever had. He rolled over for the fourteenth time that hour and stared blankly into the dark living room. The last remaining candle was flickering, almost dead. Not only was he absolutely freezing due to the lack of electricity but he was also aware that he was far too tall to be lying on the small sofa; his legs dangled over the armrest and his head was almost at ninety degrees. He looked like an abandoned Tim Burton design.

Realising that he wasn’t going to be sleeping any time soon, Nate sat upright and ran his hands through his tousled red hair. It was starting to get a little more shaggy than he liked, tendrils tickling his neck and flopping into his eyes now and then. He sighed and leaned back whilst pointing the remote at the TV. After almost a minute of nothing happening, he realised the TV was never going to turn on without electricity and smacked the remote against his thick head.

As he sat in the darkness with nothing but his own thoughts to occupy himself he found his mind drifting to Alex. He’d only known the guy a week or so but he felt somewhat protective of him, like he needed to look out for him. Maybe it was because he was younger? Was he thinking of Alex as a younger brother because he’d never had one of his own? He shook his head, no not a brother.

“What then?” he whispered into the empty room.

“You know, talking to yourself is one of the first sign of madness.”

Alex stood in the shadows of the doorway, a blanket wrapped around his bare shoulders and a pair of pajama bottoms hanging off his waist. Nate jumped a little and then smiled,

“So I’ve heard.”

The younger lad moved towards the sofa and, after Nate shuffled over a little, sat beside the redhead. He didn’t seem as closed off as he had been but he still made sure to sit as far away as the small couch would allow. Nate leaned back and yawned loudly,

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Alex nodded, “Yeah, you?”

“I know now that a sofa is not meant to be slept on.”

The blonde smiled and relaxed a little more, involuntarily moving slightly closer to Nate. He pulled the blanket tighter around himself and shivered.

“Cold?” Nate asked as his own body seemed to catch up with the temperature. Goosebumps speckled his arms and naked torso.

“I’m alright,” Alex looked into Nate’s green eyes, “I’ve slept through worse.” He smiled suddenly, a brightness entering his eyes, and a slight blush tickled his cheeks. “Sorry, its just… I feel so lucky you know? I thought I’d be alone forever after…” The smile faded and he subconsciously traced his fingers down the scar on his chin.

“Alex, how did you get-“ Nate stopped himself, suddenly aware that he was about to ask about the scars that mottled Alex’s body. Surely he wouldn’t want to talk about something so personal so soon? Nate gathered his thoughts and continued with a little more tact, “How did you get that scar?”

Alex dropped his hand from his face and turned to Nate, “It- I… fell.” His eyes dropped from Nate’s and he fidgeted with the blanket to occupy his hands, “It’s ugly, I know.”

“’Ugly?’” Nate held his hand under Alex’s chin and lifted the youngster’s face so that he was forced to look at him once more. Their faces were mere inches apart and Nate could feel Alex’s skin heat up beneath his touch, “You couldn’t be ugly if you tried.”

Nate could feel Alex’s warm breath on his face and he felt almost paralysed as he looked into his bright blue eyes. His heartbeat was increasing and he could feel it against his chest, hammering like something trying to escape. What am I doing? This is insane, he’s so beautiful, so-

Suddenly the lights flickered back on and the two men on the sofa froze. Although he wanted to immediately remove his hand from Alex’s face, Nate remained perfectly still. The brightness of the lights had somehow broken the moment, snapped the strings that had been tugging between their chests and now, in the harsh electric glare, they could do nothing more than stare blankly at one another.

Alex was the first to move. He gently lifted Nate’s hand away from his chin and got to his feet. Nate thawed out a little and ran a shaking hand through his red mop before speaking in a hoarse whisper,

“Alex, I-“

“-I’m going back to sleep.” Alex turned to leave but Nate got to his feet and grabbed his wrist, forcing him to turn around.

Alex’s face was scarlet; his eyes blazed in their sockets, tears on the brink of falling, and his bottom lip trembled uncontrollably. All Nate could do was let go of his wrist and watch as Alex darted out of the room without another word.

“Fuck!” Nate paced back and forth in front of the sofa, trying desperately to decipher what had just occurred. Did they just experience a ‘moment’? Was that what that was? No, surely not. They were both guys after all. And Nate wasn’t gay, right? He pulled on his hair with both hands and flopped back onto the sofa, utterly defeated.

“What the hell am I doing?”

Inside his room, Alex sat on the end of the bed, the blanket discarded on the floor. His mind was racing and he couldn’t wipe the image of Nate’s face so close to his own from his eyes. He closed them tightly but even behind his lids, he could still see the redhead smiling.

“’You couldn’t be ugly if you tried.’ What is that supposed to mean?!” he ran his hands down his face and flopped backwards onto the bed, arms outstretched at his sides. He touched the scar on his face again, the memory of Nate’s warm touch making his cheeks flush once more.

“No,” Alex balled up his fists and sat upright, “I can’t do this. Not again. Not with what happened last time…”

Morning came sooner than anyone wanted it to.

Simon dragged Kyle down into the kitchen, the older twin used to getting up early for work, the artist not so much. Nate had finally managed to fall asleep at around four and was still snoring softly on the sofa when his brother and Kyle started to make breakfast. The clattering of pots and pans soon woke him, however, and he shuffled groggily into the kitchen, welcomed by the warm smell of porridge.

“Morning, sleepyhead!” Simon had always been the morning type, much to the annoyance of his twin, and it was almost demonic the way he had so much energy so early in the day.

Nate could see that Kyle felt the same way as he rested his head on his arms at the kitchen table. He looked even younger without his glasses on and Simon kept ruffling his shaggy brown hair at every opportunity. Kyle didn’t seem to mind, though, he even smiled a few times, forcing an even bigger grin onto Simon’s face.

The older twin plonked some bowls onto the table and started to pour in the sloppy porridge,

“Ready Brek?” he shoved the pan under Nate’s nose to reiterate the question.

“No. Thanks, Si.”

Simon shrugged and poured some into a bowl for Kyle, who somehow managed to hold a spoon in his zombie-like state and shovel it into his mouth. Simon sat down and started to dig in too.

A few minutes later, Alex entered the kitchen looking even worse than Nate felt. His hair stuck up like a mane and the bags under his eyes could have served as bowls for the porridge themselves. He poured himself some orange juice and sat at the table in the only free chair, next to Nate.

“Porridge?” Simon held out a bowlful for Alex but he politely refused it, sipping on his orange juice carefully.

Now Simon wasn’t the most observant person in the world but even he could sense the tension between his brother and Alex and so he inhaled his porridge and then dragged Kyle away to quickly get dressed, much to Kyle’s dismay. He even ignored the desperate look his brother flashed his way as he left the kitchen.

Nate pulled over one of the uneaten bowls of porridge and began to prod at it, watching as the gloopy mess clung desperately onto the spoon not wanting to let go. He was almost transfixed by it and when Alex spoke, he dropped the spoon back into the bowl, causing it to clatter loudly.

“I need some clothes.”

Nate’s jaw worked a few times before he actually spoke, it wasn’t what he’d been expecting to hear at all,

“Alright. Sure, we can go shopping, it’s my day off anyway.”

He cleared his throat and tried to occupy himself with the porridge again but found that his mind was no longer focused. He wanted so much to ask about what had happened the previous night but he also didn’t want to sound like a moron. After all, nothing had actually happened had it? Maybe he was reading too much into it.

Yeah, that’s right, he thought as he stared at the congealed gruel before him, I’m just overreacting. It was dark and there were sexy candles, all very confusing. He nodded firmly,

“Yes, sexy candles.”

Alex choked a little on his juice, “What?”

Nate’s cheeks reddened, “Er, nothing…”

The two men walked along the rows of shops inside the large shopping centre; clothes, shoes, phones, gifts, it was all there before them but neither seemed to be paying much attention. Nate pointed to a shop with mannequins wearing shirts and jeans in the window and Alex followed his eyes as he spoke,

“What about this one?” Nate asked as they gravitated towards the shop.

“Isn’t it too expensive?” Alex tugged on one of the toggles on the oversized coat he was wearing, courtesy of Nate’s wardrobe, “I don’t want you to spend too much on me.”

“Don’t be daft,” Nate smiled warmly, “Come on, I bet you’ll look great in something that isn’t three sizes too big for you!”

He smiled and touched the small of Alex’s back, guiding him towards the doors. Alex bit his bottom lip and allowed himself to be ushered inside. Once inside it was like they’d been wearing big flashing lights on their heads; every employee’s eyes settled on them and they descended like vultures. A woman in a very tight blue dress that seemed to be squeezing the life out of her breasts smiled brightly and opened her arms widely, looking only at Nate,

“Hello, can I help you?” she fluttered her thick eyelashes, still only looking at the redhead.

Nate nodded, seemingly oblivious to her stare, “Sure. My friend is looking for some clothes.”

Alex rolled his eyes at the woman as she pouted, slightly annoyed at Nate’s blasé attitude. Her response was more of a snap,

“This way.”

She led the way into the dressing rooms and told them she would pick out a few items for Alex to try on; he and Nate waited a few minutes in silence until she reappeared laden with jeans, shirts, blazers and jackets.

“If you’d like to try them on, I’ll give you my honest opinion,” she smiled, showing large white teeth, “I think they’ll all look fabulous on you, though.” She winked at Alex. Actually winked. Had she moved onto him now that Nate had showed no interest? Whatever she was doing, it had irritated Nate.

“Thanks,” Nate took the pile from her, “But we’ll be fine by ourselves.”

“Oh… Alright. Call if you need any help.”

Alex’s wide eyes stared at Nate, “What was that all about?”

Nate looked innocent, oblivious to what he’d done, “What?”

Alex shook his head and held his hands out for the clothes, “Nothing. I’ll try these on.”

Nate was right. Alex did look better in clothes that fit. He tried jeans and t-shirts first and finally looked comfortable in what he had on. Nate gave him a thumbs-up when he opened the dressing room curtain to show him. The shirts clung nicely to his lithe torso, giving him more of a figure and the jeans hugged his legs in all the right places.

He exited the dressing room and was about to ask Nate to put away the rest of the things when the older man held out a dark grey suit.

Alex looked confused, “What’s this?”

“Just try it on. You might need one for job interviews and stuff.”

Alex took the suit and glanced at the three-figure price tag, “No way! I can’t let you buy me this!”

“You can pay me back when you get a job! Besides, you can’t exactly go in one of mine with the legs rolled up can you?”

Alex deliberated for a moment and then nodded firmly, “Alright. I will pay you back, though!”

Nate smiled and shoved Alex into the dressing room. He emerged minutes later in the well-fitting suit. He looked fine. It didn’t envelop him like Nate’s shirts had, instead it clung to his shoulders nicely and tapered down to his waist. The trousers showed off his long legs and the dark grey made his eyes stand out even more than usual. He did a small twirl,


Oh shit, Nate thought as he stared at Alex in the suit, he looks damn good. Like, really good. What the hell am I thinking?! Nate gripped the bottom half of his face with his hand as his cheeks flushed, he managed a curt nod and Alex smiled.

Before they went to pay for the various items, Alex picked up another suit set from one of the displays; it was black, complete with a black shirt, and he held it up against Nate.

“What’re you doing?”

“I was just thinking, I’ve never seen you in a suit.”

Nate shrugged, “I never need to wear one.”

“Would you…” Alex looked at the ground in an attempt to hide his slight blush, “Would you try one on?”

“Eh? Why?”

“I want to see what you look like in one.” Alex’s blue eyes met Nate’s emerald ones and something inside Nate melted. He grabbed the suit and stepped into the changing room.

He stepped out in the dark suit and Alex’s jaw dropped. The black was striking; it made Nate look even taller than he already was and made his hair shimmer. He tugged on the sleeves nervously,

“Well? Do I look like a complete berk?”

Alex shook his head slowly and swallowed thickly, “You look… sexy.”

“Damn right I do,” Nate grinned and for a moment looked more like Simon than he ever had before. Alex chuckled and waited as Nate changed back into his own clothes.

Nate paid for Alex’s new wardrobe and they left the shopping centre, bags in tow. Alex’s words still rattled inside Nate’s head, ‘You look sexy.’

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