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Tue May 6, 2014, 6:32 PM
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(Contains: strong language)
Chapter Five: Black Out

Instead of waiting for the rain to let up, Nate and Alex decided to make a mad dash for the car in the downpour. As neither one of them had a coat, they were soaked through within seconds and, when they finally got into the car, the seats felt soggy beneath them. Nate tried his best to sort out his mop of hair in the rear-view mirror whilst Alex fought the urge to wring out his shirt right there and then.

With dripping fingers, Nate turned on the heaters and started the car after massaging his knee a few times; it was really starting to ache and it didn’t help that his trousers were now somewhat moulded to his legs. He turned out of the car park and onto the main roads where the traffic moved at a snail’s pace because of the low visibility. The window wipers swished back and forth rapidly, momentarily mesmerising Alex, and the lights from other cars bounced off the wet windows like some sort of private disco in Nate’s car. The redhead desperately wanted to break the ever-growing silence and blurted the first thing that popped into his mind,

“Pissing down.”

Brilliant. Move over Tarantino, there’s a new wordsmith in town.

Alex nodded silently.

After another twenty minutes of waiting in traffic jams and avoiding overflowing gutters, the silence was weighing on the two males like a heavy, wet blanket. Neither man wanted it to continue but neither could think of something to say that didn’t involve the weather. It was only when the two cars in front swerved and collided with the hard shoulder that Nate finally spoke up. He slammed on the brakes, his knee protesting at the sudden movement, and the car jolted to a stop. Thankfully, no one careened into Nate’s car as the crash in front had been pretty obvious.

“Fuck!” he rested his forehead on the steering wheel a moment, catching his breath. The sound of metal on metal had brought back the memories of his own accident the previous year.

Alex looked at Nate as he sat up straight again, “You okay?”

Nate glanced at his passenger, suddenly aware that he wasn’t alone in the car, “Yeah, you?”

“I’m fine,” Alex looked at the drivers of the cars in front as they pointed and shouted at one another through the rain. He didn’t like the way they were getting closer and closer, like they were going to fight. “Should we go around?” What he’d wanted to say was ‘Let’s get out of here, please’ but Nate took the hint well enough.

With a curt nod, Nate manoeuvred the car around the accident and drove on, more careful now that he was aware of just how bad the road surface was. They passed another couple of accidents; a telephone wire had fallen across one of the more narrow roads in town, blocking their way completely and leading Nate to take a different route home, adding another ten minutes to their seemingly never-ending journey.

Finally home, Nate squelched into the house and went straight upstairs to change, leaving Alex to make some tea. Before he could boil the kettle, however, he heard Nate’s voice echo down the stairs,

“Take a shower if you want, Alex!”

He did just that.

Nate took a quick one too and then made some beans on toast for the two of them, feeling somewhat cosy as he poured the beans onto the toast, knowing he wasn’t going to be eating alone once again. He opened his mouth to shout to let Alex know it was ready and then snapped it shut, realising he probably sounded like some old fishwife, shouting constantly. Instead, he knocked on the bathroom door and spoke like a normal man,

“I made beans on toast,” the sudden thought that Alex might not like beans dawned on Nate but he shook it off like the rainwater, “It won’t keep warm for long.”

He turned to return to the kitchen and ended up looking directly into the spare room – Alex’s room. The young blonde was looking in the wardrobe, once again wearing Nate’s too-long jogging bottoms. Nate could see his bare back - muscular, yet narrow, a nice light shade that matched Alex’s hair, but what covered it startled Nate. Scars. Tens, maybe hundreds of small gouges and slashes mottled the teen’s skin like someone or something had been let loose upon his pure flesh. Nate immediately recognised one of the shiny patches as a belt buckle and his fist clenched reflexively. Alex turned then and spun a little faster when he saw Nate looking, he was about to ask to borrow another shirt when everything went black.

Nate thought he’d gone blind as he squinted into the darkness but the lights flickered momentarily once again, reassuring him that he still had his sight, then faded out completely, leaving the two in complete darkness.

“Well,” Nate’s green eyes squinted towards where he thought Alex was, “Glad I made the beans beforehand.”

“Can I borrow another shirt, please?” Goosebumps had formed on the blonde’s skin as he stood in the darkness and he rubbed his arms to try and warm himself up. Nate nodded and then realised he should probably say something too, the kid didn’t have night-vision,

“Yes! There’s some upstairs… I’ll go get one for ya’.”

He turned, tripped over his own feet and sprawled onto the carpet, staring upwards at the darkness. Alex had heard the thud but was already at the doorway before he realised what had happened; he caught his foot on Nate’s lanky body and clattered on top of him like a gherkin on a burger. If the lights had been on, Nate would have seen the younger man’s cheeks burning as his bare chest collided with the redhead’s and vise versa.

“Sorry!” Alex blurted, his breath warm against Nate’s neck.

Nate swallowed thickly and tried not to think of how close his housemate was as Alex quickly tried to scramble to his feet, muttering apologies as he did so, but he didn’t know where to put his hands in order to avoid touching Nate. They were still tangled up like flies in a web when a blinding light shone out of the darkness and Alex breathed a sigh of relief, Good, I died. He hadn’t, of course, as the voice that spoke from the darkness was not that of God,

“Oh, shit! I’m now scarred for life, thanks Nate. Didn’t mean to interrupt your kinky time, bro,” Simon shone the torch onto his face, revealing his ghoulish grin and making his red hair look like it was ablaze as the tangled mass of bodies on the floor finally got to their feet.

Nate brushed himself down and pointed at his twin, “We tripped.”

“I bet you did. Who’s the lucky lady?” Simon shone the torch onto Alex, making him blink, and his smile faded as he looked back at his brother, “Is this the homeless guy? He’s still here?!”

Alex glanced at Nate, a little worried that Simon was going to make him leave or perhaps call the police. It wouldn’t be the first time someone trying to help him had backfired. However, Nate stepped closer to his twin so that they were both lit up like Jacko-lanterns by the torch and spoke quietly yet deliberately,

“Yes. He’s staying with me. It’s fine. Shut up.”

Simon’s shoulders sagged and he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere arguing, “Alright. And there I was thinking you were finally shaking the sausage.”

“That is horrendous. Never speak again.” Nate frowned into the torchlight, “Why are you here anyway?”

Simon shrugged, “Our lights went out, thought maybe yours would be on.”

Beside him, Alex shivered and Nate sensed the small movement. He snatched the torch from his brother and pointed the beam towards the stairs,

“I’ll go get Alex a shirt, go and find some candles will you?”

“Yessir,” Simon muttered as he turned and barrelled straight into Kyle, who had been standing there the entire time like some poised ninja. Simon slapped a hand to his heart, “Forgot you were there, Christ!”

“Oh, thanks!” Kyle elbowed his love in the ribs and held onto his shirt like a school kid as the two of them, and Alex, fumbled through the darkness towards the kitchen.

“Can’t see shit,” Simon snagged his toe on the end of the sofa as the three made their way into the kitchen, “OW! Bastard!”

Kyle waved his arms in the air, searching for the drawers, and Alex opened a few cupboards, fumbling around in them blindly as he felt for candles. When Nate returned with a shirt for Alex, the younger man put it on and Nate shone the torch into the small room, momentarily blinding everyone as they hunted for the elusive candles.

“Cheers, Nate, I didn’t need my retinas anyway,” Simon jibed.

“Got them!” Kyle pulled out a small plastic bag full to the brim with tea lights and Simon clapped, a loud hollow sound in the dark room.

After lighting almost twenty of the small candles, the living room was officially illuminated. It looked like a cheap brothel, yes, but at least they could see one another now. The men sat on the floor like it was some silent code when there was no electricity, like they had to revert back to cavemen and fend for themselves.

Simon leant against the sofa and Kyle sat between his legs, his back resting against the taller man and their hands intertwined. Nate couldn’t help the twinge of jealousy that shimmered through him like a small jolt of his very own electricity and he tried to force himself to think about something other than his own loneliness because he knew going down that particular road was not a pleasant journey. He was about to ask his brother why he was even still there when Alex spoke up, his quiet voice sounding almost forced,

“When did you two…” he trailed off, suddenly aware of the six eyes staring his way. He was looking at Kyle and Simon and much to Nate’s shock and, if he admitted it, delight, Alex looked exactly how Nate felt: jealous.

Simon looked sideways at his brother and then back to Alex, “Us?” he squeezed Kyle’s hand a little tighter as he continued, “You mean when did we meet or…?”

Alex nodded, his cheeks a little pinker than before. He looked like he was starting to regret asking, “You don’t have to answer. I didn’t really mean to say it out loud.” He glanced quickly at Nate then back to the couple.

Simon shrugged, “School. We met in year 8 and were best friends straight away,” he smiled at the surfacing memory, “Well, after I punched him in the face.”

Alex’s jaw dropped and Nate grinned. He remembered the day Simon had been sent home after hitting Kyle; they’d been in P.E and Simon had been, quite blatantly, staring at Kyle’s legs as they played dodgeball. Of course, Kyle had noticed and so when they were back in the changing rooms putting on their uniforms he had asked Simon straight-out why he’d been staring. Simon lost it. He hadn’t ‘come out’ to anyone yet and only Nate had any idea that he might be gay. Simon was known as the ‘jock’, the ladies’ man that enjoyed nothing more than flirting with anyone in a skirt. It was all a front, however, and Simon had had the hots for Kyle as soon as he’d seen him. So, when Kyle brought it up, Simon had simply balled up his fist and punched his troubles away, breaking Kyle’s glasses in the process. He was suspended for a week and when he returned, Kyle was the one blushing when Simon was around.

Nate chuckled, “Simon wasn’t as simple as he is now.” He received a cushion to the face for that comment and Alex grinned despite himself, content in the safety of this small ‘family’.

“I realised I shouldn’t hide who I truly am and we ended up dating, in secret mind you, up until university.”

Alex was leaning forward now, too engaged in the story to hide his interest, “You spilt up when you went to uni?!”

Simon nodded and a shadow seemed to encase his eyes, “It wasn’t a mutual decision.” He waited for some sort of response from Kyle but all he got was a small snore as he lover slept soundly against his chest. Simon’s stony expression melted and he kissed Kyle’s messy hair lovingly, “We realised our mistake in second year and ended up together again. We lived happily ever after. The End.”

Knowing that was all he was going to get from the eldest twin, Alex sat back silently and turned his attention to the long sleeves of the borrowed shirt. He rolled them up slowly so that it would take longer and he wouldn’t have to occupy himself with something else other than staring at the loved-up couple.

“So what about you, Alex? Got a girlfriend?” Simon absently stroked his thumb over Kyle’s hand as he spoke.

“I…” the blonde kept his eyes on the sleeves of his shirt, “No. No girlfriend.”


“Si!” Nate snapped and Simon pressed his lips into a thin line after mouthing a ‘Sorry’ to his brother.

“No boyfriend, either.”

Although he knew he was prying, Nate couldn’t help but dive at the chance of knowing more about his housemate, “Family?”

Alex’s bright blue eyes seemed to shimmer more in the candlelight and he swallowed loudly before speaking again,

“I never knew my Dad. My Mum… She died.”

Nate clenched his jaw, Am I seriously that stupid?! Why did I have to ask that?! He ran his hand through his hair and licked his dry lips,

“I’m sorry, Alex, I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s fine. It’s alright, don’t worry.”

With sweaty palms, Nate rubbed his face, hoping that he could rub it off altogether and be left with a gaping hole that he could somehow dive into. Simon could sense the pressure building and cleared his throat purposefully,

“Well, we should get going,” he tried to stand but Kyle’s sleeping body remained limp against his chest, pinning him back against the couch.

“Stay if you want,” there was a pleading present in Nate’s voice that Simon hadn’t heard in a long time, a desperate sort of hidden rope that his twin wanted to tie him down with. He nodded,


“You can sleep in my room, I’ll use the couch.” It felt right that he should be punished somehow for asking the stupid question in the first place and Nate thought there was nothing more fitting than sleeping on the cold, threadbare sofa.

“You could sleep in my bed.” Alex chewed on his lip as he stared at the tea light in front of him.

“What?” Was all Nate could muster.

“Yeah, what?” Simon parroted.

Alex flushed a deep red and seemed almost ablaze in the flickering light, “I mean, you- You could sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa! It’s not really my bed anyway.”

“Christ, thought you were getting an invitation there, Natey,” Simon grinned, showing his pearly whites as he forced a half-asleep Kyle to his feet and guided him upstairs.

Nate raised his middle finger at his brother’s back and politely declined Alex’s offer, reassuring him that it was in fact Alex’s bed and that he had every right to it. He was almost disappointed when the blonde nodded and slowly padded back to his room.
Raven by singingpterodactyl
A commission I did a short while ago for a YouTube banner.
Feel free to message me if you'd be interested in a commission! I do all sorts ^_^
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Chapter Four: The Coming Storm

To say that it was raining would be an understatement. The heavens seemed to have opened and decided to spill forth every drop of water to have ever graced the Earth. Nate watched through the car window as people scuttled into shop doorways and used various objects as shelter; briefcases, carrier bags, their first born. The weather had changed so dramatically and quickly that no one was prepared, even Nate had forgotten his coat, although that could have been due to the fact that he had spontaneously hugged his new roomie. He swallowed dryly at the very sharp memory as he pulled into the car park beside the coffee shop.

With the grace of an injured antelope, Nate darted through the car park, into the coffee shop and shook his soaked hair like a dog, much to the dismay of nearby customers. He smiled meekly and made his way into the back room where he put on his apron and used a towel to pat himself down.

“Natey-Watey!” The voice was unmistakable. Lily.

She waved him into the storeroom, her brown bobbed hair bouncing, and he begrudgingly stepped into the confined space with her. Tins of coffee lined the walls, along with two large fridges full to the brim with milk and in the very corner of the room, a cardboard cut-out of Mel Gibson. Why Mel was there was a total mystery to Nate but he’d never found the opportune moment to ask about it. Maybe now was the time. First, however, he had to see what Lily wanted.

“You’re soaked, poor thing!” She lifted her hand to pat his head but realised too late that she couldn’t reach and brought it down to rest on his chest, “I need you to work a bit later today, Penny has the flu.” Nate’s annoyance must have shown on his face because Lily was talking again before he could respond, “Sorry for the late notice but no one else is available.” Her hand was still resting on his damp shirt and in the small room Nate could smell her perfume as Lily tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

His shoulders slumped and he nodded, knowing there was no way out of it, “Alright. No problem.” His thoughts turned to Alex and how he would be waiting for Nate at three, “Ah, I need to make a phone call!”

Before he could dash off, Lily grabbed his wrist and planted a large tin of coffee into his hands, “No time!” she waved a well-manicured hand towards the main shop, “We’re super busy today because of the rain! Go! Serve people!”

And that was how the day continued; customer after customer and no minute spare to make his phone call. By three o’clock, Nate had forgotten all about letting Alex know that he would be late home and instead was busy mopping up spilled milkshake. That’s when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Hey, Nate!” It was Kyle, his brother’s partner. His glasses were steamed up and his scruffy hair was speckled with drops of paint, much like his t-shirt.

Nate smiled and stopped mopping, “Hiya! You alright?”

Kyle took off his glasses and started to wipe them with his shirt, frowning when paint transferred onto the lenses, “Not too bad, thanks.” He was always a little more reserved when Simon wasn’t around, something that Nate knew his brother found utterly adorable when he told him about it.

“Want something to drink?”

Kyle nodded, still concentrating on his now-green tinted glasses. As Nate started the coffee machine he stared into it’s reflective surface, his mind wandering for a brief moment. What if it had been me Kyle had fallen for? I look the same as Simon… The thought brought a grin to his lips and he snorted, yeah right, they were meant to be.

He turned back and handed Kyle his coffee; the shorter man had put his glasses back on but was struggling to see through the green smudges and almost knocked the cup of coffee off the counter. Nate caught it before it fell and desperately tried to think of something to start a conversation, he didn’t want to be standing in an awkward silence for however long Kyle was going to stay.

“So-“ the redhead’s voice cracked and he cleared his throat, a blush forming on his cheeks, “So, where’s Si?” Maybe the mention of his brother’s name would somehow summon him here to dispel the awkwardness.

“Having a smo-“ Kyle snapped his mouth shut. He knew Nate despised Simon smoking - what he didn’t know was that Nate ignored his own advice and smoked when he felt stressed - and he was usually smart enough not to mention it. Maybe the smudge on his glasses was clouding his mind, too.

Nate gritted his teeth, “Oh, really?”

The glass door swung open and the little bell above it jingled merrily as the older Laird twin stepped into the shop. He looked fed up; his top half seemed to have remained somewhat dry but his trousers had soaked up the moisture from the ground and his shoes squelched as he stepped towards the counter. He saluted Nate nonchalantly and placed a soft kiss atop of Kyle’s damp hair. He frowned at his love and gestured to the green smudge on his lens,

“The fuck is that?”


“And where have you been?” Nate had his best ‘accusing mother’ voice plugged in.

Simon noticed instantly but tried to play it cool, “Parking the car?” The small infliction in his tone made it into a question and his red eyebrows twitched as he waited for his brother’s response.

“Was this car small and cylindrical and deadly?”

Simon looked down at Kyle, who shrugged apologetically, and then turned back to Nate, “You do it too!”

Nate frowned, “Not as a habit! Just when I need one!”

“It was one little fag, okay!” he looked at his partner again and smirked, “Not to be mistaken with this one.” The comment made the other two men grin and Simon knew he was off the hook, “Anyway, you should be consoling me!”

Nate puffed out his cheeks, a little upset that he wasn’t going to be able to scold him now, “Why?”

“Bastard umbrella folded in on me! I was standing out there like a fucking traffic cone!”

Nate and Kyle burst into laughter and Lily wandered over to see what was happening, woe betide anyone should have fun without her,

“Ah, you must be Nate’s brother!” she peered up at Simon like he was a piece in a museum and his bright eyes peered back,

“No, not me. I’m just a random guy who happens to look exactly like him.”

“Oh, you,” she held out her hand and Simon shook it, encasing her tiny one in his huge paw, “I’m Lily, Nate’s manager, nice to meet you!”

“He’s mentioned you,” Simon winked at Nate, which produced a small groan from the latter, and watched as Lily’s face turned a shade not unlike the twins’ hair,

“He has?” She looked like she was going to start growing a tail so that she could wag it. Nate had to stop this before it went any further down a track that he didn’t like the look of,

“I said you were my manager, that’s it.” He started to make his way around the counter in an attempt to ferry his brother away as Simon continued sliding the knife in,

“He said you were his ‘sexy’ manager, right Nate?”

With more force than was perhaps necessary, Nate shoved Simon away from the counter and Lily and grumbled into his ear, “I’m going to tell Kyle about your stuffed panda collection in my attic if you keep going.” He heard a click in Simon’s throat as he swallowed and then watched as his head nodded briskly, “Good boy.”

Thankfully some more rain-soaked customers came in to busy Lily and she said Nate could have a quick break. He sat at a table by the window; Simon and Kyle sat opposite him on the comfier bench, backs to the glass. There wasn’t anything in particular that Nate wanted to talk about, and if there was one thing he hated it was small talk. Instead, he stared out at the street, at people scurrying out of the rain and then at the raindrops themselves as they slithered down the window like they were shaking their none-existent hips to some silent beat. A streak of lightening split the dark sky overhead and a moment later the loud rumbling of thunder began. It sounded like a snoring bear and Nate felt it in his chest as it grew closer.

Beside Simon, Kyle seemed to freeze. His eyes bulged behind his green-tinged spectacles and he gripped the table like it was an organ and he was about to play some ‘Phantom of the Opera’-type piece. Nate tried not to stare as Simon silently peeled one of Kyle’s trembling hands from the table and threaded his fingers through his own, a gesture than somehow melted Kyle from his frozen state slightly. The redhead leaned into Kyle and spoke gently,

“We can go now if you want?”

Kyle nodded stiffly, eyes still bugging out, and Simon got to his feet,

“We’ll be off then,” he pulled Kyle on to his feet, a comical sort of movement that looked like he was some sort of ragdoll Simon was dragging along, “See you later.”

Nate waved as they left and continued to stare out into the storm. Everything was a dull shade of grey, not blue like artists portrayed water, but bland, boring grey. No blues. No blue. Blue. Like blue eyes. Alex’s bright blue eyes.

“Ah, cock!” Nate scrambled to his feet and dashed into the back room to get his phone. It was almost four thirty and he could have kicked himself for forgetting to ring Alex. The poor lad was probably sitting like a right melon waiting for him to get home.

With clumsy hands, Nate opened his locker only to realise that he hadn’t brought his coat, his coat with his phone in. He slapped his hand to his forehead and moved into the hallway to use the landline. That’s when the lights went out. Ignoring the lack of visibility, Nate fumbled for the phone and pressed it to his ear only to hear a whole lot of nothing. He stared at the handset for a moment in disgust and showed it the bird before slamming it back down. He was debating whether to ask to leave early (again) when a small knock on the back door made him turn.

Nate opened the rarely-used door, expecting a delivery man to be standing with a crate of mangos or other such item, and was instead faced with a soaked-to-the-bone, dishevelled young man in an oversized shirt that was practically see-through. Alex.

“Alex?” It was all Nate could manage as he stared at the drowned rat before him. Alex looked up at him, bright blue eyes rimmed with water droplets; his nose was red and he kept sniffing loudly as he stared. After almost a minute of mutual staring, Alex pointed a dripping hand beyond Nate,

“Can I come in?”

“Shit! Of course!” Nate pulled him inside and slammed the door behind him, making sure he locked it properly. He grabbed a towel from the rack and started to rub Alex down quickly, like he would melt if he let him remain wet for much longer. Once he’d finished he handed Alex another towel and he dried his blonde hair, which was sticking to his forehead and cheeks. He sneezed as Nate ushered him into the staff room.

Nate made his lodger a large cup of tea and Alex took it thankfully, his shaking hands wrapped around the cup as he inhaled its sweet scent,


Nate watched him carefully and sat beside him on the threadbare sofa, “Why are you here?”

Alex took a sip of the hot tea and turned to look at Nate, “You didn’t come back.” He didn’t say it as an accusation, more of a fact, like it was bound to happen.

Nate cursed himself internally, “I’m so sorry! I was literally just about to call you but the lines were dead and I forgot my mobile…” the excuses came pouring out and, even though they were legitimate, even to Nate they sounded like lies.

Alex shrugged and took another sip, “I was going to make something to eat for when you got back but I couldn’t find the wok so I came to ask you where it was.” With what must have looked like the most ridiculous expression, Nate muttered a ‘huh’ as Alex continued, “I didn’t want to use your money, you’ve done enough already, so I walked.”

“You what?!” Nate had assumed that Alex had gotten drenched walking from the bus stop but he’d actually walked all the way from the house? He must have set off at exactly 3 o’clock to be there now. Was he that eager to see me? He looked at the younger man now and nipped the damp shirt between his thumb and forefinger, “Why didn’t you wear a coat? It’s been raining all day!”

“I didn’t want to use your stuff again… I felt bad!” Alex sniffed once more and continued drinking his tea as Nate mulled over what he was saying.

The redhead slapped a hand to Alex’s thigh and chuckled,

“You can use whatever you want, whenever you want. Okay? What’s mine is yours and all that jazz.” He pondered for a moment and then added, “That’s what friends do.”

Alex’s cheeks pinked at the statement and he smiled broadly, “We’re friends?”

“Duh,” Nate grinned and ruffled the blonde’s hair, an action that made Alex’s jaw clench.

“There you are!” Lily marched into the staff room with her hands on her hips and an exasperated look on her face. She’d obviously been run ragged out in the shop, “What are you doing? I need you out there, Natey!”

The nickname didn’t go unnoticed by Alex and he shrank back a little, concentrating on the cup in front of him rather than the deranged-looking lady. Nate got to his feet slowly, noticing his knee twitch as he did so, and stood over Lily,

“I was helping a friend.”

Lily peered around Nate’s lanky frame to look at Alex but he still didn’t meet her gaze,

“Oh, well,” Lily straightened her apron and tapped a pointed finger on Nate’s nose, “Abbey’s arrived for her shift now so you can go home if you want.” She wiggled her fingers at Alex before turning for the door, “Nice to meet you!”

Once she’d left, Alex put down his tea and stood up beside Nate; he frowned up at him and pouted slightly, “Was that your girlfriend?”

Nate made a face not unlike a rat caught in a trap and shook his head, ginger hair swishing side to side, “God, no.”

Despite himself, Alex smiled.

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